Highest Megapixel Camera In The World Today

highest megapixel camera

Megapixels is a term that is thrown around in the world of digital photography and perhaps stressed upon even more than other camera specifications that actually carry more weight. Being analogous to horsepower and megahertz, megapixels barely is an indicator of a digital camera’s overall performance. Nevertheless, manufacturers are trying to squeeze in more megapixels in each successive model in hope of luring consumers’ attention towards a presumed higher image quality. A lot has been bragged by brands claiming to have manufactured the highest megapixel camera in an attempt to closely reflect shots taken by a film camera.

Millions of pixels are being pumped onto a single sensor and has sparked megapixel wars with many claiming to have come up with the highest megapixel camera in the world. Here is a snapshot of the highest megapixel camera models in both digital cameras as well as smartphones.

The Highest Megapixel Camera Phone

highest megapixel camera phone

Nokia PureView 808 is supposed to be the highest megapixel camera phone with 41 megapixels competing with some low-end, medium-format digital SLRs. Nokia 808 has a large sensor at 1/1.2″which happens to not only be up to five times bigger than the iPhone 4S camera sensors but also much larger than those found in most compact cameras. The Carl Zeiss camera phone works by collecting seven pixels of information which are later on coalesced into one single pixel. Besides running on Nokia’s ancient Symbian operating system, the 808 has a Xenon flash, LED video light, CD quality audio recording, Dolby Headphone technology, integration with services such as Vimeo and as GetMe Rated.

The Highest Megapixel Digital Cameras

highest megapixel digital camera

Moreover, many manufacturers have also stepped on the bandwagon of the ‘highest megapixel camera’ award and have introduced ridiculously expensive items. Hasselblad’s H4D-200MS is a 200 megapixel medium-format camera for $45,000 with True Focus technology. Other such inventions include the BetterLight 416-megapixel Super10K-HS model priced at $22,995 and an 80 megapixel camera from Phase One for $44,000.

Pentax also has a 645D 40 megapixels camera priced at around $9900. It has a high resolution Kodak CCD image sensor with a brilliant optical viewfinder and is compatible with Pentax 645 interchangeable lenses. The Pentax 645D has the ability to capture phenomenal amounts of image detail. Digital camera industry leader, Nikon has recently introduced its 36.3-Megapixel Nikon D800.

Highest Megapixel DSLR

highest megapixel camera in the world

Nikon’s newest addition to its professional DSLR line is the highest megapixel digital camera among the renowned brands populating the DSLR markets. With a 36.3 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and high ISO shooting capabilities, the D800 is perfect for professional still and multimedia photographers and videographers who prefer shooting weddings, high fashion, studio portraiture, landscape and multimedia content. The D800 features an Advanced Scene Recognition System that evaluates the image that falls on the viewfinder with previously stored images and exposure settings. So if you are looking for high quality snapshots that have good dynamic range, then Nikon D800 has leapfrogged its previous models. Photographers can thus capture the finest details of the setting or environment with the 36.3 megapixel Nikon D800.